A born and raised Vermonter, Sarah George, newly appointed Democratic State's Attorney for Chittenden County, has quickly and effectively transitioned from her six year Deputy career into the office, bringing with her an unparalleled energy and enthusiasm to hit the ground running!

Focusing on combatting the Opioid crisis, Sarah is a member of the Chittenden County Opioid Alliance, leading the charge for more a proactive instead of reactive infrastructure and investigating the cost/benefit relationships of incarceration and treatment in order to design the most effective framework to fight this devastating epidemic. Having seen how dangerous a lack of knowledge can be in this struggle, Sarah has focused much of her Opioid Crisis policy around education, working to correct the outdated ideas of demographic and socioeconomic status of those afflicted with addiction, and encouraging tough conversations examining the reality of victims in crisis. Sarah is a leader with an open mind and a willingness to investigate new and sometime controversial ideas and solutions, all of which will be necessary to rid our state and our county of this disastrous infection.

In her years as deputy, the youth of our community passed through Sarah's case load too often, and as a member of the Jobs for Youth Program, Sarah is taking direct steps to effect change for this important generation. By creating and encouraging employment among our youth population, Jobs for Youth helps its participants to develop valuable time management, responsibility, and social skills, allowing for less time engaging in risky sexual behavior, drug use, and criminal activity. Working with the Boys and Girls Club, Spectrum Youth and Family Services and local schools, Sarah aims to significantly grow this program with plans to expand its activities and reach this year.

One of Sarah's first acts as State's Attorney was to reintroduce herself to the local law enforcement community, taking time between shifts, at all hours of the day and night, for open conversation directly with small groups of officers and police personnel. Talking through some of the challenges currently presented to public safety with those literally in the line of fire has been instrumental in shaping Sarah's policies of deterrence through punitive action for violent and repetitive offenders, continued investigation into training options for the detection of marijuana and strict gun law enforcement, particularly in cases of domestic violence, mental health diagnosis and felony convictions. Sarah's goal is to continue to strengthen and expand these open lines of communication between our public service systems, education and judiciary, and bring with it a safer community for us all.